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This website is intended as a directory and will hopefully serve as a plethora of information for those interested in leading a lighter lifestyle, incorporating Veganism and actively pursuing the betterment of our world today.



Chilled coconut water + fresh chopped kiwifruit + sliced orange! The real vitamin water to keep skin refreshed & body hydrated.

Home made infused water is great - just fill a bottle with water and whatever fruit or herb you like and chill overnight. Drink the next day and feel energised and refreshed!

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green things are the best things

more books to add to my growing collection of house plant and cacti related objects…


In six days, the horrific slaughter will once again begin.

Every year in September dolphins are herded into the infamous #the cove. The dolphins are slaughtered mercilessly (see the quota in an earlier post) the ones not slaughtered will be taken by marine mammal trainers for swim with the dolphin programs and shows.

By supporting marine parks who do this, you are supporting the slaughter.

So what can you do?

Donate to @dolphin_project Or save Japan’s Dolphins.
Volunteer, right a letter to the Japanese embassy. Sign a petition!

But most of all DONT BUY A TICKET to marine parks that have cetaceans.

#taiji #stoptheslaughter #dolphins #procap #anticap #whales #thecove #blackfish

PLEASE read the text above! We also urge you to watch The Cove if you haven’t done so already - you can find it free online HERE or HERE

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Raw foods are super nutrient-dense, and when they can be as insanely delicious as these Raw Peppermint Chocolate Squares, how can you resist!

Raw cacao (chocolate) is packed with minerals that we need for everyday good health, and cacao also contains many that are especially essential to girls!

The mint in this recipe is fresh and great for digestion, and I even snuck in some spinach, too! I swear it’s only for colour…no spinach-y taste at all.

You can find the recipe here, and I can answer any questions you have about raw foods, or the recipe, too!

Koko xx