Living Light
This website is intended as a directory and will hopefully serve as a plethora of information for those interested in leading a lighter lifestyle, incorporating Veganism and actively pursuing the betterment of our world today.

THE KEY is a compilation of positive and inspiring messages compiled from a group of people that we find inspiring. All those involved were chosen because of the way they use their online presence to promote love and light to those who need it most. Each individual shared with us their own personal motto or mantra on life, the one that resonates with them the most and helps to keep them, personally, on the right path. After reviewing everyones outlook and thoughts on life, we asked a very special friend of ours, Prahlada, to help draw the project to a close. He shared with us some beautiful words that we hope will in turn serve you all on your own personal journeys. 
THANK YOU TO Oliver Sykes, Jayden McComiskie, Audrey Kitching, Maxim Gonzales, Alex March, Jason Aalon Butler, Grace Neutral, Dallas Clayton, Jemma Jones, Sway Tattooer, Zara Khalique, Vic Fuentes, Kristen Csuhran, Caitlin Stewart, Tyler Kent White, Roxanne Hay, El Wood, Koko Brill & Prahlada - Nrismha Das for your amazing contributions.
All profit from THE KEY will be donated to Be Mindful, a campaign raising awareness of mindfulness by the Mental Health Foundation.
THE KEY is a5 in size, full colour, printed on good quality paper and ring bound. We ship worldwide. BUY HERE:

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Fall is here…time to warm up with a veggie and black bean chili topped off with the ultimate cashew sour cream.

I use this cashew cream for everything, in this recipe it helps add richness, and cut a little of the spice, just like a regular sour cream would do. BUT, you can use this cashew cream anywhere something rich and savoury is needed. You can also transfer it to use in desserts by adding a bit of maple syrup for sweetness and leaving out the lemon juice. It becomes a cashew ‘whipped cream’.

LVX is the BOMB in cruelty-free, vegan nail lacquer. I was gifted these beauties by the lovely veganmiam and I’m so happy with them. With just two coats the colour is so bright and it lasts, too! Not only are they cruelty-free, but they don’t contain the “Nasty 5” (those terrible top 5 toxic chemicals that most nail polishes have). It’s safe to say that I’m hooked and can’t wait to check out some more colours!